Paced and Measurable Growth

  • Sea water reverse osmosis plants
  • River water reverse osmosis plants
  • Brackish water reverse osmosis plants
  • Sea water intakes with open intake, subsea intake(Neodren) Bach wells and DAF system
  • MSF plants and MED plants

Water Storage

  • Rectangular concrete reservoirs from 0.1 MIGD to 60 MIGD
  • Circular RCC tanks up to 1 IMPG capacity
  • Post tension circular concrete tanks from 0.1 MIGD to 10 MIGD
  • Ground Steel Tanks from 10,000 IMPG to 20 Million IMPG
  • Elevated steel water tanks of 5000 Gallon to 100,000 Gallon with 12m tower to 48m tower
  • Artificial aquifer formation including construction of Deep wells

Water Transmission and Distribution

  • Water pumping station with capacities from 1 MIGD to 150 MIGD including MV drives, VFDs, electrical instrumentation control and automation works
  • Point to point transmission pumping system to pressurized transmission mains with flow, pressure control stations and localized distribution tap offs
  • Water transmission piping sizes Varies from 200 mm to 2000 mm with materials CS/DI/GRP/GRE/HDPE/FC with pressure from 6 Bar to 60 Bar
  • Water distribution piping from 300 mm to 50 mm including house connections and annual maintenance contracts
  • Complete network automation, flow control and monitoring, leak detection, transmission loss monitoring including centralized SCADA control system for the complete transmission and distribution of a city network

Sewerage Plants and Networks

  • Sewerage plants and solid waste treatment plants
  • Upgradation of conventional sewerage plants and order control system
  • Gravity sewerage mains including tunneling without disturbing traffic or existing townships
  • Sewerage pumping mains, booster pumping stations
  • High capacity lifting pumping stations
  • Effluent storage tanks and irrigation networks and pumping stations
  • Secondary and tertiary affluent treatment plants
  • Storm water networks and pumping stations

Power Generation

  • Civil works for power plants including GT enclosures
  • Erection of turbines and related equipments under the supervision of GT manufacturer including piping and electrical works
  • Gas skids, gas stations and gas piping
  • Fuel storage tanks, fuel unloading stations, marine offloading stations, fuel oil pumping system
  • High capacity lifting pumping stations
  • Utility system including chilled water, compressed air, utility water, fin fan coolers and HVAC systems
  • Fire detection and fire fighting system including water storage tanks, fire pumping stations, sprinkler and hydrant systems, foam system, FM 200 System etc
  • Supply and erection of boilers:
  • Complete plant automation system for the fuel /fire and utility systems

Transmission and Distribution

  • Complete civil works for the sub stations from 400 KV/132 KV/33 KV/11 KV including HVAC, fire detection fire fighting system, grounding and small power systems
  • Erection of substation equipments including Transformers, HV, MV, LV, GIS, LV switch gears, Control System, Cabling etc
  • Foundation works for the transmission towers and erection of towers

  • Marine loading and offloading facility
  • Storage tanks for gas oil, fuel oil, jet fuel etc
  • Fixed cone roof, floating roof and floating deck tanks
  • Tank farm piping
  • Loading and offloading pumping stations
  • Fire detection and fire fighting systems
  • Oil water separation systems
  • Insulated piping and Tanks
  • Tank automation and custody transfer metering

  • Complete civil works, mechanical, electrical erection works including complete instrumentation and automation of refineries
  • Complete civil works, mechanical, electrical erection works including complete instrumentation and automation of cement plants
  • All types of industrial and manufacturing plants

  • Roads, bridges including all the service and utility works
  • Industrial sheds and buildings including hot rolled and pre engineered
  • Development of the complete township including, power and water distribution networks, sewerage and storm water net works, pumping stations, internal roads and street lighting works, package & pocket substations, RMUs, feeder pillar MDBs etc. Sewerage and water treatment plants for new and existing townships
  • BMS system and security systems
  • Irrigation and landscaping
  • Low cost housing, labor camps, precast building system

  • Conceptual Design FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) including feasibility studies
  • Complete development of townships with town planning and complete utility planning
  • Process design of the plants including instrumentation, control, automation, electrical, mechanical, piping and civil works
  • Detailed engineering for civil, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and control works
  • Construction engineering works like detailed P&ID, Operational philosophy, Instrument list, IO lists, Cause and effect matrix electrical SLD, Load schedules, Voltage drop calculations, Lighting calculations, DC/UPS system calculations, Lighting small power and lightning protection calculations, Cable schedules, Isometric, Plan, Lay outs and equipment arrangement drawings, Isometric including detailed BOQ, Complete civil detailed design drawings including shuttering and bar bending drawings and perspectives
  • 3 D modeling including BIM (Building Information Modeling), Integration of BIM with Project schedule including the project progress monitoring and preparation of discrepancy reports
  • Preparation of Project plans, Project procedure manuals, Project proposal manual, Engineering deliverable register, Procurement deliverable register, Detailed procurement and execution plans, Quality plans, HSE plans, Installation and commissioning procedures, Method statements, Inspection test plans, Operation and maintenance manuals and as build documentations
  • Preparation of equipment data sheets, Selection of equipments etc.
  • Preparation and evaluation of tenders for the clients
  • Preparation and estimation of commercial and technical tenders for the contractors
  • Value engineering and engineering review works
  • Development of procurement strategies and procurement of local and international sourcing work
  • Adoption of renewable energy methods and engineering including green methods in all of the above design works

  • Complete plant operation and maintenance including the supply of operators, technicians and engineers for power plants, water plants, sewerage plants, cement plants, refineries and other industrial plants
  • Routine maintenance and shutdown maintenance works

  • Cathode protection for steel, concrete and marine works including impressed current and sacrificial anode methods
  • Specialized coating including 3LPE, fusion bonding, cement lining, rubber lining, glass flake epoxy coating, wrapping
  • Blasting and painting of steel structures
  • Specialized floor and industrial coating for concrete and steel works

  • Fabrication and erection of dam shutters
  • Fabrication and erection of canal shutters, based on hoisting mechanism
  • Providing rubber seals for leak proof
  • Supply and installation of pumps and valves for different capacities
  • Overhauling and maintenance of dredgers

RARE Supply Chain combines Strategic Sourcing and Procurement interrelated in a master supply chain process. By organizing both activities within one function, the process is as seamless as possible for Clients and other stakeholders within the company, as well as suppliers. By applying the world class Procurement, Sourcing and Supply-Chain practices, RARE can outperform the competition, deliver a superior service to its Clients and generate world class results.

We are lead by the 3 pillars of "SUCCESS" - People, Process and Technology. We emphasize on creating true value and we believe that procurement permeates everything that the company does.

Our Procurement ethics:-

Strategic Sourcing

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Team formation
  • Data gathering
  • Strategy development
  • Implementation

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Value added Procurement & Logistics

  • Planning
  • Conduct Procurement
  • Implement Procurement
  • Deal closure
  • Logistics & warehousing

Procurement technology systems

Quality & Compliance

Risk Management

Contract Management

Environmental, Health & Safety


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